[thilmera.com / sPherTia] thilmera7s 1 year license

thilmera7s の1年間のライセンスキー取得によるthilmera projectへのカンパ支援です。
It is a fund raising to the thilmera project by acquiring thilmera7s 1 year license key.

thilmera's license key is an alternative service for fund raising because it is not possible to send money between individuals (donation) in Japan.
thilmera is not a paid software.

カンパの金額は 1100 JPY (税込)以上を指定して下さい。
Please specify at least 1100 JPY (TAX IN) for the amount of fund raising.


Once you complete this payment with Paypal, you will be issued a license key immediately.