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classification Windows general software / system monitor / performance monitor / temperature sensor / time adjustment / memory cleaning / VRAM display / sound analyzer / screenshot

What is this? thilmera uses memory and processes. Usage rate and temperature of CPU and GPU. It is a system monitor for Windows that displays drive temperature, read / write speed, communication speed etc in real time in a compact manner.
thilmera who has compiled everyone's opinion since 2001 and continues to evolve independently is not an old and completed application. In order to absorb the opinion and to pursue the ideal form for more people, we still seek the user's voice, It continues updating.

Does anyone make it? thilmera is a pure Japanese software whose design, development, operation and maintenance are all provided by the same person. The name of the author is "弦生ささと". The signature is "Gakuto Matsumura".

What kind of function is there?
  • Display CPU usage rate and disk usage rate of the process in rank and display subjects that are bottlenecks of system load in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Display the GPU usage rate of the process and the GPU memory consumption in the rank to judge whether the use of the PC and the GPU is insufficient for the application of the PC, and it is possible to see the application using and not using the GPU at a glance I can do it.
  • Equipped with a function to warn you that various temperatures of CPU, HDD, GPU, mother exceed specified values.
  • You can also set the window to temporarily hide by moving the window easily and mouse over etc.
  • Equipped with screen shot saving function. You can easily select a rectangle and cut and save the active window, and you can share it to any open range on thilmera's web server.
  • Information of multiple PCs can be displayed in batch with PC data sharing function.
  • Manual and automatic memory purge function. (Non-load - type that does not push out to extraordinary HDD, Threshold setting is possible for each process)
  • Display of video memory (VRAM).
  • TCP-UDP real-time report on process unit on PC.
  • Sound analyzer function to visualize PC voice.
  • It has wide compatibility from Windows XP to Windows 10.

  • It corresponds to the environment such as English. (version 0b148 fix language setting)

    Attention to non-regular package Please thilmera download only from Vector, Madonomori and Softpedia.
    thilmera is a zip file publishing and a signed msi installer. Official automatic update distribution, and executable file or installer is all digitally signed with "Gakuto Matsumura" inscription . Never execute other signatures or files without signature (publisher: unknown, etc.).
    There is nothing to install advertisements or bundled software in thilmera's distribution.

    twitter The Twitter account of thilmera's author is @thilmera7 .
    Excerpts of the bulletin board content and accounts to which the author information is murmured are @thilmera .

    The official facebook page of the facebook thilmera 7 is .

     donation - thilmera7s 1 year license  thilmera7s lisence

    Display is strange? Most numbers can not be acquired well. If you get suddenly strange display please see "表示がおかしい" in the help.

    gdipp is when to intervene app called exception setting is necessary gdipp to thilmera, also will be more and more consume memory because you are drawing many times in one second . When using gdipp please be sure to exclude thilmera.

    Notice on using thilmera in an environment with no network connection at all
    If you want to use thilmera in an environment that is not connected to the network at all, it may not be possible to determine whether the body is legitimate or not due to the fact that the revocation check of the certificate has not been taken.
    For details, please refer to "ネットワークに接続しない環境での使用(Do not connect to the network Use)" in the help.

    Worried about accessing the net For all the access to the network that thilmera7 does, please see "セキュリティと送信データについて(About security and transmission data)" in the help.

    Use within an organization such as a company There is no restriction on use in any organization unless it is used for commercial purposes (sales etc.). Support is the same as personal use, we will correspond as much as we can, but we do not undertake the obligation to correct.

    Media relations (publication, news, etc.) Please be sure to contact "thilmera" for permission to download software on CDs, DVDs etc. to redistribute software. If you can obtain a publication magazine please let me know so, I will reply the address etc.
    In addition, please use the original binary of the zip file published by vector, windows company, softpedia without fail for data to be used at that time. You can rename the zip file.

    When dealing with news, blogs etc, please be sure to post this reference link to this page. Using screenshots and capture of thilmera, and using it on movie sites are free, Please do not upload (directly distribute) the main body data.

    link policy Each page, such as the top page and thilmera thermal network, is link free. Excessive access such as copying (uploading), scraping, bot etc is prohibited.

    Automatic startup For those who need administrator authority except lite, we use our own service registration function for startup. (Also installed on regular version from 0b131)
    To use this function, press Property > Details > UAC startup Service registration.
    By default, the user who registered (user on the OS) will automatically start the registered thilmera at logon.
    Register on which OS on the OS you want to start automatically on the target of the same setting, and make settings for all objects.

    If you are using this function, you need to delete the service if you want to uninstall, please refer to the above uninstallation item.

     Screen shots

    ■ Special Thanks!
    OKU! (Illustrator - Main) [URL]
    Chikuro (server management until 2016/07)
    Thomas (Illustrator - Illustration at the time of download button hover (donation))

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    Copyright © 弦生ささと(Gakuto Matsumura) All Rights Reserved.